Corobici River Tours – Guanacaste Whitewater Trips

A soft whitewater and nature adventure tour !

The Corobici River offers an amazing river floating adventure. Contrary to the Tenorio River, the waters of the Corobici are rather slow moving, with deep parts which makes this a pleasant descend.

Slow moving waters of the Corobici River

The put in section is located in the higher sections of the lowlands near Canas. The minivan will first transport you up the hills to where the adventure begins. Once there, the guide will give you a comprehensive training, hand out the gear and give the proper instructions.

Once finished, the trip begins. The complete descent has a duration of around 2 hours, depending on the water level.

The fact that there are not too many river rapids and sections where you must concentrate too much, gives the client the chance to enjoy the surrounding wildlife.

The tropical dry forests surrounding the Corobici River are home to hundreds of species of wildlife. With almost certainty you might spot Howler Monkeys and perhaps even Spider Monkeys. Many birds,  river turtles, colorful butterflies and other species of mammals might be spotted too.

Corobici and an old bridge

The Jesus Christ Lizzard for example and Iguanas are quite commonly seen during the trip.

Tour details

The tour lasts around 2 hours from the put in section until the exit.

Seasons: All year round

Duration: Half Day

 Difficulty: Easy

Bring: Swimsuit, insect repellent, sun protection, cap or hat, sandals or tennis shoes, camera or video camera

Included: Transportation, guide, snacks, lunch