El Coco Rafting Tours – Guanacaste Whitewater Trips

Rafting trips from El Coco Beach in the Guanacaste province

El Coco is the perfect gateway to enjoy our one-day whitewater rafting tours. Our trips include transportation from El Coco to the river and back, as well as the amazing river descent along 2.5 hours of tremendous and fun whitewater rapids of Tenorio River or the soft flowing waters of the Corobici River.

Tenorio River Class 3 to 4 rafting

This river offers truly exciting whitewater rapids. The Tenorio has some great class 2, 3 and 4 rapids, some quite technical, yet fun even for beginners. The 2.5 hour descent is also full of wildlife species and a beautiful panoramic view of tropical dry forests.

Corobici River River Floating

The Corobici River is a majestic slow moving river that offers the possibility, for elderly people of those looking for a soft adventure and more wildlife observation. The deeper waters and flat topography makes it possible for clients to enjoy surrounding nature in the bordering jungles. You might very possibly encounter moneys, birds, butterflies, reptiles such as iguanas and other animals.

Tenorio River Rapids

Hotels where we can pick you up:

In case of El Coco Beach, we can pick clients up in all hotels in the area, including Airbnbs, vacation rentals, small and large resorts or condo complex.

How long is the tour ?

The tours on the river last for around 2 hours to 3 hours, depending on the water levels. Additionally, you have to add the transportation from the hotel and back.

The tour lasts for around 6 hours in total, including the actualy 2.5 hours of the river descent. Thew transportation, via land, takes around 1.5 hours each way.

General information

El Coco beach is very strategically located in Guanacaste. El Coco, in northern Guanacaste, is located at a close distance from  Liberia, the airport and also not that far from where the rafting adventure begins.