Whitewater Rafting trips in Guanacaste

Guanacaste Rafting offers white water rafting trips for clients staying in the beautiful Guanacaste province, both in hotels along the popular beaches and also, those in the inland.

River rafting in Guanacaste

Rafting  tours and whitewater rafting rivers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many excellent rivers for whitewater adventures. Not only does the country offer amazing and natural rivers with clean waters and excellent and powerful and fun whitewater descends, but also are some or most of the rivers protected, thereby having a natural tropical forest surrounding.

This spectacular and natural framework, combined with amazing floats, gear, guides and river rapids, make the rivers in Costa Rica among the best and most scenic in the world.

Rivers in Guanacaste

Although Guanacaste is the driest province in Costa Rica, there are two rivers that descend from the Tilaran Mountain Range to the Pacific Coast.

The Tenorio River and the Corobici River, both commence their journeys high in the Tilaran Mountain Range. During the descend, the Tenorio River offers some spectacular white-water sections that range from 2 to 3, with several Class 3 rapids and a powerful and exhilarating Class 4 drop at the end.

The entire descend is amid tropical dry forests, in where several wildlife species might be encountered, including monkeys, birds, other occasional mammals and colorful butterflies.

The Corobici River, a slow-moving river located adjacent to the Tenorio, is a very healthy and voluminous river, that offers the adventure of river floating.

The floating consists of more slow-moving waters, deeper and therefore less technical rapids. Although it offers some soft rapids, the majority of the sections offer the possibility of enjoying some soft descends but without any fast rapids, and therefore, it is a great trip that combines both soft adventure and wildlife observation.

River rapids


Tours should be booked in advance, and they can be booked with or without transportation. The most popular tour is the Tenorio River Rafting and the Corobici Floating Tour, which we operate including transportation from most of the Guanacaste beach hotels.

In case you have a group or your own transportation, you can also meet us at the put in section, where the adventure begins.